Dealers signature

The casino's weak point

What is the dealers signature?

Many people know that it's impossible to predict a random number. But some dealers spins aren't as random as we think.

This is how it works:
Imagine that a machine would shoot away a roulette ball (instead of a human dealer).

Also, imagine that the wheel is standing still and not spinning.

If the machine shoots away the ball with the same speed multiple times starting from number 0, wouldn't it land on aproximatly same place most of the times?

Now if the wheel is spinning with exactly same speed while the machine is shooting the ball from number 0, would it make any difference?

Now replace the machine with a human dealer, that is acting exactly the same as the machine and spinning with same speed. Wouldn't the ball land on aproximate same area?

Dealers signature is a concept of this behaviour. When the dealer is acting like the machine, there are possibilities to predict the aproximate area where the ball would land on. With Betmate, you get an overview over the dealer's behaviour and see if the ball can be predicted...

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