How to win at roulette

How does Betmate work?

Find a good roulette table
First of all, you need to find a good roulette table. I define a good table like this:
  • 1. The direction of the wheel should change every spin.
  • 2. The dealer should always drop the ball from the pocket in the wheel it last landed in.
  • 3. The pockets should not be flat, since it causes more bounces.
Where I play
I personally play at the Immersive Roulette table which can be found in different casinos.
I play at LeoVegas because of their fast payouts:

...and I always accepts available bonuses from the casinos.
New Session
Begin a new session when a new croupier gets to the table. Don't try to save a game from an earlier session with a croupier, since I have noticed that the croupiers have different behaviours between the sessions. Sometimes they are predictable and sometimes they aren't.

Start by selecting which number the ball starts from.
Enter spin information
When the dealer make the first spin, select the speed of the wheel (slow medium or fast).
Some dealers makes faster spins than other. I usually select Medium, if its not super slow or super fast to start with.
Same with the strength of the spin. If its not super hard or super weak I select 3 (medium).

In time after you have seen many spins, you're getting better on deciding the strength of the spins. Not by only seeing the spin, but by listening on the spin and speed of the ball.

Press next...
Result screen
Since no data is collected, it will say "No statistics found yet".
Keep filling the app with data until you have enough information to decide if its worth playing or not. Some spins are hard to decide if its worth betting. This picture is an example. It shows that most of the spins have gotten all around, and not on a specific area.

BUT, the two latest spins with this strength and wheelspeed had identical behaviour, and if the current spin would have the same behaviour as the two latest spins it would have a big chance to drop near 28 or 7.

I would only bet on this if it's going well and if my currency is above what I've started with.
Betting decisions
There can be hard to decide whether to bet or not. Some spins are easier than other to decide if you should bet or not. This is a video from one of my clips on Youtube.

Since I bet on 4 neighbours on both directions I choose 21 to cover up the whole red marked area.
At 25:10 in the upper video
This is another video from one of my clips on Youtube. Once again, since I bet on 4 neighbours on both directions i choose 18 to cover up the whole red marked area.

The wheel was spinning fast so it's the purple lines I'm looking at. At 04:40 in the lower video
How I play
My tactics for the moment is to add 600 chips to the account. I aim for around 1600 chips. Since one bet is 75 chips, I am forced to be more careful, and only bet on spins like in the previous 2 pictures. If everything goes well and I reach my limit, I withdraw everything, leaving 600 units for the next day. It takes time and patience to find a dealer that is worth playing on, but its worth it in the long run. Some days I could sit for hours just to wait for a good dealer to bet on. At the beginning I created this application for personal use, but after a good feedback and many requests via Youtube I made it public.
Know when to stop! Set a limit for the day, and when you reach your limit, quit playing. If you double your money you should be satisfied and come back the next day. And don't get greedy, be tactical. The more you play, the higher is the chance that you get greedy and bet on bad dealers. And in the end you might loose.
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